Bris Preparation List

Having everything ready and on time will make the Bris run smoothly.

Here is a list of things you will need for the Bris:


  • 2 chairs
  • A table (such as a card table) where I may place my instruments.
  • A small waste basket
  • 2 fluffy pillows
  • 6 disposable diapers (any brand)
  • 3 cloth diapers (preferably the large, not pre-folded type)
  • Small package of baby wipes (any brand)
  • It is customary to light candles at the Bris.

The mohel brings the wine

  • Please have the baby on location 15 minutes before the Bris.
  • The baby's last feeding should end approximately one hour before the Bris. He may be fed immediately after the Bris.
  • Please dress the baby in a "onesie." Although the onesie is not preferred until after the navel is healed, it is beneficial for the Bris. You may leave the snaps open.  (You may dress him in anything else on top of that.)
  • Please contact your pediatrician if there is any change in the baby's health (e.g. fever, diarrhea, color, change in eating habits, etc.) and then call me immediately.
  • Please ask your pediatrician if you may administer Infant Tylenol® before and/or after the Bris. If you choose to dispense Infant Tylenol®, note the exact time and dosage.
  • No, I did not forget to list the gauze pads and ointment. This mohel brings those items for you.