The Bris Milah Ceremony

The Bris ceremony consists of four distinct parts:

  1. The Kvatters bring in the baby. All participants and guests then welcome the baby. At this time the mohel will offer a brief introduction and explanation on the significance of the Bris. The baby is then placed on the specially designated "Chair of Elijah the Prophet".
  2. Afterwards, the father places the baby on the lap of the Sandek. Then the father officially authorizes the mohel to carry out the Bris on the father's behalf.
  3. The actual surgical procedure is performed by the Mohel, usually taking less than a minute. During this time, the mohel and the father recite blessings for the performance of the Bris.
  4. The child officially receives his Jewish name. The mohel recites special blessings and prayers expressing the hope that the child will become a source of pride and joy to his family and the Jewish people.