Bris Milah


The Bris Milah ceremony is a deeply religious and momentous experience for the parents and family of the child. It marks the child's official induction into the Jewish people and is a joyous occasion to be cherished forever. The meaning of the word Bris is "covenant". At the Bris , the Jewish male is entered into the ancient pact between our forefather Abraham, on behalf of the Jewish people, and G-d.

In Jewish law, the primary responsibility for performing the Bris Milah is placed upon the father of the child, who then appoints the mohel to act as his proxy.

Why A Traditional Bris

The Bris is more than a minor surgical procedure. It is a symbolic act, joining a newborn Jewish child with the most ancient and fundamental practice of the Jewish people. Since the time of our forefather Abraham, the Bris has served as the first and most basic symbol of Jewish identity, representing a commitment to the continuation of the Jewish people for future generations. There are specific surgical, as well as religious traditions associated with the Bris Milah ceremony. It is during the Ceremony that the child is given his Jewish name. A non-ritual circumcision does not meet the requirements of Jewish law.